The challenge

Ciptex is innovative software provider, whose technology platform helps organisations connect with their customers across multiple channels easily and in ways that are tailored to those customers’ needs.

Ciptex could see huge market potential for its solutions in a significant sector of the UK economy; one in which investment in responsive, tailored customer service was a major priority.

However, the Ciptex team had no prior experience in this market, so they commissioned Social to help them understand the key trends in the sector and how their technology platform could address them and then develop a clear strategy for entering this new market.

Our solution

We designed a bespoke Growth Strategy Sprint for Ciptex, tailored to meet the business’s specific requirements.

We organised a full-day Sprint workshop for the Ciptex team, led by members of our experienced Sprint team, including our CEO and Founder, John Quinton-Barber and Head of Strategy, Racheal Johnson.

As part of this workshop, we invited a senior leader from Ciptex’s target market to share their insider perspectives on the key issues, opportunities and challenges within the sector, and undertook our own research into how government policy and media reporting were driving change in the sector.

This gave Ciptex expert insights into the problems their target customers were grappling with, and how their technology could help solve them.

Having understood these pains and gains, we then used interactive workshop exercises to understand the key capabilities, opportunities and areas for development that would enable Ciptex to enter this market successfully and support the business’s continued growth.

Our results

The outputs we delivered included:


  • A Growth Strategy Sprint that provided Ciptex with clear insights into their target markets and how their technology could help solve their target customers’ problems
  • A strategy on a page, providing Ciptex with a clear roadmap to enter this lucrative new sector, including a priortised, phased plan of action that would make the best use of their in-house marketing resources and achieve maximum return on investment (RoI).
  • A focused set of key messages, setting out Ciptex’s value proposition in terms that would resonate with its target market and respond to potential customers’ needs. We tested and refined these messages in consultation with experienced insiders from the sector in question.
  • Clear recommendations and a narrative to help Ciptex launch its technology platform to its target market at a high-profile industry conference

What was achieved

Following our support, Ciptex had access to a clear plan of action which they could then implement, directing their energies to where it would achieve the best impact.

The tactical recommendations and messages we helped Ciptex create also ensured the business felt confident in launching its technology platform to its new target market at a leading industry conference just six week after we completed the Growth Sprint.