Growing fast is amazing, but it makes you wonder how it happened. Luckily, we know exactly what’s been the secret at Social Communications.

We could say it’s our ethos on social responsibility, donating a percentage of our pre-tax profits to charity and giving staff the opportunity to spend two days a year supporting a local charity of their choice.

Or we could put it down to our straight talking, collaborative and personable team, who genuinely care about our clients, our work and its results.

They all sound pretty convincing and there’s no denying they play their part in contributing to our unique culture. But it’s actually something more fundamental than that, and we’ve stuck by it since day one.

It’s our one company value. Well, it’s more of an idea really. A truth, which is, Life Happens. That’s it – simple and honest. Our team know this, because they’re at the heart of it.

Our ‘Life Happens’ commitment to each and every one of them is this: we will do our best to send you home happy, healthy and motivated each day. Your senior team and company fully appreciates you, and understands that your lives outside of work are all different. And when things happen beyond your control, as they often do, we’ve got your back. We won’t get it right all of the time, but that’s our aim.

Our ‘Life Happens’ commitment to our clients is this: you’ve chosen to engage and work with an organisation that really cares for its staff. You have an exceptional, talented, motivated and bright team with your best interests at heart. That team knows that if you need us out of hours, in extraordinary circumstances because of your Life Happens moments – we’ll do our utmost to be there.

We really care for our staff and we really care for our clients. And that’s it – people matter. Life Happens. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, by creating an energetic environment where people matter, other commitments like integrity, teamwork, respect, empathy, passion and care for the environment, all happen naturally.

Social Communications have played a crucial role in helping us to secure a unanimous planning consent for our new £50m motorway service area in Leeds. From strategic political engagement and community consultation through to effective media work and creative design, they have proved to be a flexible and expert team that has been very supportive throughout the process of obtaining Planning Permission and thereafter.

Andrew Long Chief Executive, Extra MSA Group