Making sense of the public consultation process and policy-making can be notoriously complex. Having experts with a detailed understanding of the legislative landscape can be invaluable. In fact, the simple premise of knowing the right people can make all the difference.

It’s a premise that some of UK’s biggest names in infrastructure, housing, retail and energy have discovered working with us. We have the skills to mobilise the silent majority to support major investments in their communities. Our track record of successful approval, on often controversial developments, speaks for itself.

Our specialist team of public affairs and communications consultants have years of experience in delivering public and stakeholder consultations for major NSIP infrastructure projects across energy, rail and airport expansions.

We can deliver all aspects of a planning consultation project, from public exhibitions and community workshops to stakeholder and political engagement.

Success often comes down to simple politics. We’ll help you develop a compelling case to put in front of the right decision-makers to secure that success.

Winning hearts and minds takes more than a couple of pull-up banners and a well-meaning clipboard. Our strategy of intelligent and joined-up engagement gets results.

Ever consulted with residents in a pub beer garden? Held a pie and pea supper as part of your consultation? Ran a resident focus group to help design your plans? We’d love to tell you more.

Strategic advice means so much more when it’s backed up by over 50 years’ experience in delivering successful public affairs campaigns for a diverse range of organisations.

Crises don’t keep diaries. They tend to appear unannounced at the worst of times. We can prepare you, push the button on predefined media protocols and give you the right words.

All it needs is a vocal minority to derail a planning application. We can help you unlock the power of the silent majority, and give Planning Committee members the confidence to back your proposals.