Through our state-of-the-art listening tool we can track and analyse tens of thousands of online conversations, which can be filtered by topic, audience or geography. We can track conversations around your brand, competitors, industry, or important people or topics. It can also be used to identify who is driving these conversations, which can shape your engagement activity.

Conversations can be analysed to understand the sentiment towards a topic of conversation. This can provide vitally important insights to help inform communications activity on everything from customer service practices to engagement campaigns and product development.

It’s the why behind the what, and who wouldn’t want to know that?

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Social Listening FAQs

How will Social Listening help my brand?

Social Listening gives you access to data that will turn insights into impactful, data-driven decisions. You can identify shifts and trends in your industry and adapt as needed, alongside tweaking campaigns as needed with ongoing, real time feedback to work from.

Do I need to buy a Social Listening tool?

No. Through the bespoke service that we offer, we will utilise our state-of-the-art, in-house Social Listening tool to access the pre-agreed accounts. This means we can seamlessly deliver your business crucial insights, at a fraction of the cost.

What is the difference between Social Listening and Social Monitoring?

Monitoring your brand on social media means that you’re keeping track of direct mentions of your brand so you can respond to them – for example, anyone that tags your brand directly. Social Listening is a much more in dept, strategic activity, which gives insight into broader conversations around your industry, competitors and your target audience.

Does Social Listening mean that we only monitor social media networks?

A common misconception of Social Listening is that the tools can only pull data from the social media platforms – but this is not the case! Alongside the major social media platforms, our tool can utilise data from forums, blogs, news sites, review sites and more. This ensures that you have maximum visibility of your organisation, with access to a vast amount of insights.