Forget to invite social media to the party, and you’re missing out. Social is no longer an add-on or a nice-to-have. It can be the main event, the first into battle and pivotal to a campaign’s success.

Choosing the social channels appropriate for your brand, your message, and your audience – that’s where we excel. We’ll ensure your social spend is on brief, and on the money.

Then we’ll pair you up with a dedicated Social Media Manager with specific expertise who can create, converse and keep track of your campaign to make sure it isn’t just getting lost in a sea of mundane status updates.

We also offer social listening and engagement, competitor audits, reporting and events, as well as bespoke social media workshops tailored to your sector.

And just like any other medium you care to choose, your social media activity needs a solid rationale sitting behind it. None of our campaigns go out without one.

Their shopping habits, the content they consume, what inspires them, what keeps them up at night; our profiling and targeting will ensure your content is relevant and paid for campaigns are on point.

We’ll draw on a number of disciplines to create a tactical social media campaign that works – our design, copywriting, marketing and social media planning are always up for the challenge.

Social media should be first on your guest list. Favouritism? Not at all. It goes where no other media can go, creating awareness, genuine leads and engagement that are so much bigger than the event.

Let’s start with the foundations. Or rather let’s start with a considered strategy and KPIs. We’ll build your presence using the right channels, and keep it measurable and accountable from the beginning.

Are you watching social media from the sidelines? Wish you could join in, share something useful, move your audience?  We’ll create a content plan that means you’ve always got something new, meaningful and engaging to share. And we’ll deliver a monthly cycle of agreeing the content cycle, scheduling it to publish on the correct channels and providing reports on its performance.

Far too many brands wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate picture of their presence on social media. Are you one of them? Our audit will make it clear where you are (and where you need to be) on the social radar.

You’re surrounded by competitors who want a slice of your audience. Who are they? How much of a threat are they? These are questions we’ll answer before we create your social media strategy.

Any successful communications activity is based on understanding what your audiences are saying – monitoring sees the tree, listening sees the forest.

It is vital, therefore, to listen to what your audiences are saying. This principle can be applied to  successful digital engagement. We use sophisticated listening tools that track and analyse thousands of online conversations on topics which can be broken down by country, city region or other local areas of interest.

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Creating a long-term Social Media & Digital Strategy is a worthwhile investment for any organisation, buy where do you begin?

Our bespoke Social Media & Digital Comms Training Workshops are a fantastic opportunity to establish where your organisation currently sits in the social media landscape, where you want to be and why, and how to get there.

Ultimately, we’ll help you identify social media opportunities relevant to your organisation, ensuring that when your social media strategy is in place, you’ll be heading in the right direction.

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