It’s simply not an option to exclude social media from your marketing campaigns any more. Gone are the days where social media was an add on, or an afterthought. Any business or brand that wants to build brand awareness, generate new leads and drive both traffic and brand engagement should be marketing via social media – and our expert team focus on delivering attractive ROI’s through a powerful combination of creative and data led decisions, no matter what the campaign.

Whether you need a little help with hashtags, or are starting from scratch and require a full blown social media strategy – we’ve got this. From deep diving through complex data to extract the demographics to drive audience profiling, creating killer content and rocketing conversions via targeted paid social campaigns, to optimising adverts, refining branding and in depth auditing – our experienced team can handle it all.

We know that sometimes in-house teams need a helping hand, too – which is why we also run bespoke social media workshops, totally tailored to your business’s needs. We also offer Social Listening as a service, which we use to provide businesses with a plethora of data led actions to boost their content, engagement and branding.

And because we’re big on data, all of our social media services are delivered with an in depth performance report, filled with all the relevant KPI’s and metrics . We don’t just talk the talk – we deliver the results, too.

How do you ensure your marketing messages are connecting with the right audience? Through audience profiling, of course. Even the most creative, well thought out campaigns can fall flat when they are delivered to the wrong crowd. By using business data to segment and profile customers into groups with similar behaviours, we ensure marketing activities are then tailored to reach the audience most likely to deliver the greatest return on investment.

Even the best offline events need a little online TLC – and we ensure that we’re driving you leads, engagement and brand awareness via social media before, during and even after the event itself.

Nailing a considered strategy is critical – it’s the foundation to any successful social media marketing. Our team will create an in depth document which outlines the goals, measurable objectives and target outcomes to be delivered. We consider the wider business and business plans, to ensure social media works in tandem with other business channels – ensuring it becomes a well oiled cog in your business’s machine.

Nobody wants a stagnant, dull newsfeed – which is why we’ll create a content plan that means you’ve always got something new, meaningful and engaging to share. From identifying content themes and writing copy, to tracking URLs, scheduling content and publishing it, we’ll handle it all for you. Plus, we’ll provide monthly report on its performance, too – so you’ll be as clued up on your content as us.

Far too many brands wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate picture of their presence on social media. Are you one of them? Our audit will make it clear where you are (and where you need to be) on the social radar. Want to keep an eye on your competitors? We can audit them, too.

Through our state-of-the-art listening tool we can track and analyse tens of thousands of online conversations, which can be filtered by topic, audience or geography. We can track conversations around your brand, competitors, industry, or important people or topics. It can also be used to identify who is driving these conversations, which can shape your engagement activity.

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Our experienced in house team provides bespoke Social Media & Digital Comms Training Workshops – tailored for all experience levels – that give you the knowledge and understanding to create, deliver and analyse a successful Social Media strategy. From learning about how algorithms work, profile best practise and networking tips, to content creation, paid advertising and result analysis, we cover a wide and varied range of topics which will empower your team to use social media to deliver on the key business KPIs that matter.

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