Capturing your imagination. Capturing your victories. Capturing your stories.

Click through the tabs below to see some of the captivating video content we have produced for our clients.

Two videos produced for our client the National College for High Speed Rail, designed to showcase the college’s unique learning facilities and offer in Birmingham and Doncaster, including striking drone footage of the sites.

The promotional video is aimed at attracting potential learners to the college, while the B2B video targets business who may wish to partner with them.

Both videos are based around the same central footage of the college sites themselves, but with bespoke material scripted and filmed in each instance to create a different context for the relevant video: an actress and voiceover for the promotional video, and talking heads inserts for the business one.

A dramatic video for our client Dan Smith, shot on location in the Lake District, to promote his “Paddle of Britain” challenge, in which he kayaked the entire length of the mainland UK to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of Armistice Day and raise money for the Royal British Legion.

An animated video produced for our client Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to launch their company values and manifesto.

A promotional video for our client Brio Retirement Living, designed to show off the attractive exterior and interior of their retirement showhomes in Chapelton, Aberdeenshire.

A promotional video for the annual Public Sector Show, with footage filmed at the 2018 event.

The Good Neighbour Awards are given out by our client Places for People to residents across their communities nationwide. We produce these video summaries of the awards annually for PfP’s own use.

A recruitment video produced for our client United Living, intended to highlight the diverse range of roles within the company and appeal to potential younger applicants.

The power of well-crafted video content gives your brand the potential of a global audience on desktops, mobiles and digital screens. Sharing knowledge, challenging, raising awareness, inspiring and entertaining are all good reasons to get your brand in front of the camera.

Using our extensive experience behind the camera and in the edit suite for both television and corporate production, we’ll recommend visual treatments that connect with your audience and bring a brand story to life. Whether that demands a rich cinematic experience, talking heads, animation, a step-by-step ‘how to’ series, voxpops, documentaries or a simple product demonstration – we’ll shoot, edit, composite, design, and produce what’s right for your brand, on budget, on time.

From storyboard to final film, initial sketches to finished images, user-generated content to motion graphics and animation, our team can take a brief from concept, through to exceptional visual and audio content.

When there’s an important moment in your business, we’ll capture it; from grand openings to event appearances, exhibitions to charitable work.

Got something tricky to get across? Complex processes, legislation, a training or safety programme can be made simple and engaging with animation – and rolled out as full-length video or GIFs for social media.

We’ll drive your corporate video projects with carefully planned pitch concepts from storyboarding, through to development and final production.

Time-lapse footage is an effective way to show a project’s progress and scale. It’s also a great way to engage your audience.

Capture an entire area quickly and cost-effectively. We can create fly-through videos or capture footage for use in larger-scale video projects.

Internal or external events, on location or in the studio, we can be there to capture the moments with a treatment and style that works for your brand.