Recent graduate Charlotte Williams, one of Social Communications’ newest recruits, reflects on post-academic life and her time working with the business so far. 

Thinking back to my first day at Social Communications, I distinctly remember one of my colleagues saying to me that the time would absolutely fly, and she wasn’t wrong. I can’t quite believe that I’ve been a member of the team for more than five months and how much I’ve learnt in this time.

Joining for me wasn’t just about starting a job – but about moving to a new city, starting my first ‘proper’ job and embarking on a new chapter of my life.

Life after university is a confusing time. You’re abruptly thrust out of the safe bubble of education, that has cushioned you since the age of five.  One minute you’re surrounded by your peers, all experiencing the same caffeine induced all-nighters at the library. Then you blink, you’ve graduated and you’re in the world of work. You’re never sure if what you’re doing is right, with some friends embarking on careers in different parts of the country, and others choosing to delay working to travel the world.

I honestly thought that the working 9-5 life would hit me like a ton of bricks, but I feel like I’ve settled in well and I truly believe that is due to the welcoming atmosphere of our office and my amazing colleagues.

I found out about the job at Social Communications through the website ‘Work for an MP’, which advertises jobs of a political nature. Having read Politics at University and having absolutely loved it, I knew that I wanted to do something related to my degree.

When I saw the role advertised – Public Affairs & PR Assistant – it immediately jumped out at me.  The company’s Life.Happens value and diverse range of clients were appealing to me. Also, as a self-confessed politics nerd and truly being encapsulated by the on-going soap opera of Westminster, I always felt that my politics degree was intrinsically Westminster centric. I hadn’t considered that my ambition to learn more about local government, and its role and functions, might draw me to work for an integrated communications agency based in Manchester.

In the past five months I have already learnt so much about a wide range of clients. I’ve written press releases, conducted interviews for client case studies and led on a pro-bono campaign. I’ve also recently had the pleasure of looking after social media posts for a very high-profile charity campaign supported by the celebrity architect, George Clarke. I’m looking forward to what the future holds at Social, with three public consultations planned in the next month, and a 10k run to train for with our good neighbours at Reason Digital in May, it’s set to be an exciting time!