I recently visited the hallowed grounds of the BBC North West studios at MediaCityUK. Stepping into the BBC studio was a surreal, behind-the-curtain moment, it was so much more compact than I imagined, and I can confirm that the red sofa is incredibly narrow, no wonder presenters are so trim!

I’d organised for Matt Howarth, co-founder of Reason Digital, one of our clients, and Sara Rowbotham, the former sexual health worker who exposed the Rochdale grooming scandal, to be interviewed in the BBC North West Today studio.

Matt and Sara were both speaking at a Children’s Society conference that day and were offering advice to inspire charity practitioners to improve digital engagement with young people. I’d arranged the BBC North West interview after drafting a press release and pitching Sara and Matt out as specialists offering advice regarding online child safety.

Securing TV coverage for a client is often the pinnacle of a PR person’s achievements, especially if you have a client who is confident and informative on camera. Sara, who was played by Maxine Peake in the 2017 ITV drama Three Girls, is no stranger to the limelight and is known for her campaigning stand-point. On the day she offered brilliant sound-bites and was aware of her audience, made up of families, parents, aunts and uncles across the North West.

Sara made the point that adults shouldn’t be fazed by technology and social media and Matt stated that there are so many positives to life online, but you need to be streetwise, as you would in real life.

Communicating a message on TV is powerful and immediate and if your interviewee is charismatic, it can make a lasting impact. Working with Sara, someone who is not afraid to stand up for what’s right and protect those who are vulnerable, has been inspirational and it’s been a career high to help publicise such a worthy topic.